Implementing successful staff/Sales team incentives

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With strong sales being the key to success, it’s imperative that you motivate your team to bring in business and boost that bottom line – which is why every organisation should consider incorporating sales incentives into their reward programme.

Generating a healthy sales pipeline is one of the biggest challenges in any business, so it pays to provide staff incentives that are directly linked to sales performance – what better way to encourage extra effort than to show that those efforts will be recognised? See how mzawadi has successfully launched such programmes.

How to improve your sales incentives

Sales incentives are essential to maintain engagement and momentum amongst business development teams, but cash isn’t a powerful motivator. Here are our top tips to help organisations move sales incentives beyond the traditional ‘carrot and stick’ exercise.

See how we’ve helped to improve sales at companies such as Volvo, Wickes and Sharp here

 With vast experience in developing tailored reward programmes, we’re here to help you find a solution to meet your specific requirements. You can talk directly to one of our sales incentive specialists on 0845 050 9532.


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