Employee Gifting – What’s different this year

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By Basil Oluoch

Against the backdrop of a worldwide pandemic, organizations are attempting to go about as usual. Yet, these changes have in a general sense moved our lifestyle and working styles. Right now, monitoring your employees and rewarding them for excellent work in an uncertain environment is a higher priority than any time in recent memory to keep a healthy workforce.

Employee gifting is the act of crediting thanks to your employees and rewarding them for their continued persistence in their roles. In addition to the fact that gifts make employees feel their endeavors are being seen and appreciated, but also benefits your business by spurring them to work much harder. This practice can help with retaining top talent

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Rarely has the decision of going out whenever we want been taken away for the majority of our generation. Once the choice is taken away, reality hits and you may all feel a sense of separation being cut off from individuals who aren’t in your family. The additional pressure of unpredictable outcomes can influence the mental health and wellbeing of employees.

Committing time to encouraging a strong workplace culture zeroed in on generosity and support is still possible without actual office space by practicing employee gifting. Sending your employees a worthwhile gift might be an invited change to their new normal. Both givers and receivers of gifts benefit from the interaction as givers feel empowered and recipients feel cared about. Gifting can assist with promoting engagement and drive home the idea of feeling connected with the organization regardless of working remotely.

Employees gifting is essential for business longevity

With these changes influencing the workforce, recognizing employee contributions, and appreciating their adaptability is more important than ever. Low employee engagement and fulfillment are top supporters of why excellent talent leave organizations. Prevent high turnover and exorbitant rehires during these turbulent times by showing appreciation to employees who are burning the midnight oil almost to excess for you with a digital gift voucher.

Although this may sound tedious and overwhelming, particularly in case there are many employees requiring gifts, there are companies having some expertise in versatile digital gifting for businesses. Practical and convenient, these companies assist with conveying your sincerity to your whole team.

For instance, Mzawadi offers quite a unique and innovative service that takes care of all aspects of corporate gifting.  The Mzawadi Digital Gifting platform (eZawadi) allows businesses to be able to conveniently and flexibly gift their employees with digital gift vouchers at the same time also avoiding the stresses of physical vouchers. With the largest of redemption ecosystem in the country of over 10,000 partners, the eZawadi platform gives the employees the ability to redeem from the thousands of outlets they have onboard.

A productive workforce brings about fast company growth and exceptional performance. Don’t underestimate the power of a gift in boosting employee morale and uplifting motivation. Cheerful employees translate into bringing more sales deals, completed projects before deadlines and overall productivity enhancement.



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